WordPress 2.3 RC1发布

The first release candidate for WordPress 2.3 is now available. We’ve spent the week since beta 3 fixing bugs and shaping RC1 into release candidate material. If you would like try RC1 and help us get 2.3 ready for its final release on Monday the 24th, download RC1 here and report any bugs you find. Although we consider this release candidate to be stable, keep in mind that this is still pre-release software. You may find some lingering bugs. Please back up your database before upgrading. If you have problems with RC1, you will not be able to revert back to your previous release without a database backup.

And a big thanks to those of you who have been testing the betas and now the RC. Your efforts make 2.3 better for everyone.

WordPress 2.3的第一个候选发行版本可以下载了。自从beta3发布以来,这周我们一直都在修复错误以及使RC1能真正地作为最终正式版的候选版本发布。如果你愿意尝试RC1以及帮助我们一起使Wodrpress 2.3能够如期在9月24号也就是周一的时候发布,你可以在这里下载RC1报告任何你找到的错误。尽管我们认为RC1将是一个较稳定的版本,但是不要忘了这仍是一个预发布的软件。你也许会找到一些还未修正的错误。请在升级前务必备份你的数据库,否则你在使用RC1出现问题的时候,你将无法回到你之前的版本。